I can provide marriage and couples counseling for every stage of your relationship.

Whether your relationship is just starting out, you're about to get married, or you've been together for years I can bring repair and renewal to the parts that aren't working. I can teach you about the science and art of love -- head and heart required.

New couples

I provide counseling/pre-marital counseling for new couples (or newly engaged couples) who want their relationships to start out on the right foot. 

couples in conflict

Every relationship has conflict. Learning how to address it proactively before it turns to resentment, contempt, and resignation is the divorce prevention tool you need right now.

couples in crisis

Financial or work crisis, child/family problems, major losses, illness, infidelity -- these are just a few potential crisis points couples can run into in their relationship. I can help you de-escalate emotionally so you can clarify the problem and then intervene appropriately.

How can I help? Schedule your first session or set up a free phone consultation.

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