When you know how your head works and how your heart works, you can make your life work.


The Journey of Individual Therapy

It's hard to get better by ourselves. Sometimes we need the safety and focus of a 'helpful other' so we can get to where we want to go in life. Individual counseling is the bedrock of my work. 

Getting stuck is easy. It's even easier to stay there. 

These are some of the important parts of an individual therapy journey that are essential to getting us unstuck and back on a path to more freedom, flexibility, and joy. 

  • Understanding the nature of your problems today
  • Making sense of the story of your past (not wallowing in it, but really understanding how all the chapters fit together)
  • Offering compassion and support for what you are experiencing 
  • Learning how to accept and make room for all parts of yourself (especially the parts you don't like)
  • Discovering how the mind and the brain work; how relationships and emotions work, how you work
  • Gaining a clearer idea of the kind of life you want; where you want to go, what gives your life meaning 
  • Uncovering what seems to get in your way in work, in love, and in life (obstacles to change)
  • Finding the courage to be the person you want to be 
  • Developing a plan to help you commit to taking the actions in your life that will lead to change
  • Encouraging persistence, perseverance, and course corrections in the face of set backs 


Access Your Instinct for Growth, Discovery, and Healing

While it's true that life brings us a lot of challenges (relationship problems, life transitions, depression and anxiety, anger, work stress, conflicts from our past, warring parts of our personality, trauma/abuse histories, grief, parenting/family problems, spiritual issues) there's one thing I know to be equally true: we all have a powerful, life giving instinct that drives us forward -- to grow, to discover, to heal. 

In individual therapy I can help you access that instinct so you can face your fears, imagine what's possible, and then take action to move in the direction of your biggest dreams.

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